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100ml - VPG Base - Liquidbase - traditional - nicotinesolution

100ml - VPG Base - Liquidbase -...

5,95 EUR
11,90 EUR per 1000 ml
100ml - VPG Base - Liquidbase - traditional - nicotinesolution

100ml - VPG Base - Liquidbase -...

1,95 EUR
19,50 EUR per 1000 ml
5 Liter "bottle" - VPG Base - Liquidbase - traditional nicotinesolution

5 Liter "bottle" - VPG Base -...

42,95 EUR
8,59 EUR per 1000 ml
Blood orange Lounge Flavor

Blood orange Lounge Flavor

3,95 EUR
39,50 EUR per 100 ml


- All our 10ml Liquids Lounge is now available in 30ml containers ! Both with a new recipe !

- Many new flavors ( eLiquids & flavors Pur ) in our range.

- New steamer hardware companies Aspire , Kanger and vision have arrived !

Welcome to the E-Liquid Lounge ,

the E-Liquid Lounge is a German manufacturer of eLiquids , refilling , Liquid bases & nicotine solutions for e-cigarettes .
Our lounge Liquids - Made in Germany - are aimed at end users , resellers ,
as well as traders and wholesalers from e -liquids and e-cigarettes . There are lounge Premium Liquids in different flavors and nicotine in four different strengths .

The basic components of the lounge liquids are based in Germany .
For these commodities all Certificates of Analysis are available and guarantee the highest quality .

All the ingredients are checked for purity before they are used for the production of lounge -liquids .
Besides our own brand Lounge Liquids we offer even more eLiquids other well-known manufacturers in our assortment.
In addition, we offer Liquid bases ( nicotine solutions ) to no flavor. Pure bases with and without nicotine.

Next , our product range includes various models of e- cigarette , Hardware & matching accessories , such as Joyetech and several more.

We sell our products in Europe .

When you buy a product from our online shop you get a quality product which meets the European quality and safety standards and has a good reliability .

Fair treatment of customers is important to us . We are before and after the purchase for you .

Surprise yourself and discover the world of Dampfens .

Kind regards, Your

E-Liquid Lounge Team